A Girl Thing

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  • Comedy, Drama, Mini Series , produced in 2001 USA
  • Actors: Kate Capshaw, Stockard Channing
  • Directed by: Lee Rose
  • Rating: 6 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Lee Rose's four-hour miniseries A GIRL THING takes an intelligent look at women's relationships in the early 21st century. Made up of four individual stories, the film revolves around Dr. Noonan (Stockard Channing), a psychiatrist listening to the dreams and aspirations, longings and nightmares, hopes and fears of the contemporary woman. The first story, "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing," stars Elle Macpherson as a successful partner in a New York law firm who cannot maintain a relationship with a man. After the worst double blind date of her life (the men are played by Brent Spiner and Bruce Greenwood), she feels drawn to the other woman on the date, Casey (Kate Capshaw), a successful advertising executive, and the two embark on a heated affair that complicates their lives. The second story, "The Three Sisters (Not That One)", stars Rebecca DeMornay, Glenne Headley, and Allison Janney as three sisters who are forced to spend a week in their recently deceased mother's house in order to collect a large inheritance. "Unholy Alliances" stars Lynn Whitfield as Nia, a woman who suspects her husband (Scott Bakula) of having an affair and so hires a decoy (Linda Hamilton) to try to trap him. And finally, "I'm Okay, It's You I'm Not So Sure About" features Camryn Manheim as a deeply disturbed woman who forces Dr. Noonan to reevaluate her chosen profession and the value of her own life. A GIRL THING is a moving, poignant labor of love that features outstanding acting and razor-sharp dialogue.
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