Aaja Nachle

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  • Drama, Foreign , produced in 2007 India
  • Actors: Madhuri Dixit, Konkona Sen Sharma
  • Directed by: Anil Mehta
  • Rating: 6.7 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Vibrantly entertaining, the Bollywood musical AAJA NACHLE brings the beloved award-winning Hindi actress Madhuri Dixit (DEVDAS) back to the big screen after a prolonged hiatus. Dixit portrays dance instructor Dia, who lives in New York City. She fled there as a young woman to marry an American-- a decision that forced her parents to leave their traditional Indian town in shame. Now, still estranged from her family and raising an adolescent daughter on her own, Dia is called back to her home town when she finds out an old mentor is near death. Upon her return she is devastated by the dilapidated state of the outdoor theater where she and many of her peers proudly performed, showcasing the art and culture of their heritage. Compelled to set things right and preserve the exhilarating haven of her youth, she must face the townspeople she abandoned and mend the hearts she broke before she can convince them to join her in salvaging the once-cherished theater.

    AAJA NACHLE, translated in English as "come dance with me," beckons with impressive musical numbers, provocative and shimmering costumes and mesmerizing choreography. And it has a bit of fun with the cheeky musical-within-a-musical, featuring the timeless romantic tale of Laila and Majnu, which Dia uses to energize the long-dormant locals to love and embrace the arts, and to remind them to reflect on their inner beauty and passion.
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