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  • Comedy, Drama, Romance , produced in 2000 Ireland, UK, USA
  • Actors: Stuart Townsend, Kate Hudson
  • Directed by: Gerard Stembridge
  • Rating: 6.1 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Irish screenwriter, playwright, and director Gerard Stembridge's glib romantic comedy is a tale of familial sexual intrigue told from the multiple perspectives of three sisters and their brother. In stark contrast to rural cinematic visions of Ireland like WAKING NED DEVINE, Stembridge's story is set in a glittering, hiply urbane Dublin. Lucy Owens, (Kate Hudson) a waitress-cum-singer in a sleek café, has a romantic past littered with boyfriends, but not one great passion. Things change for the pretty singer when she meets the sexy, shy Adam (Stuart Townsend), whose sweetness charms both Lucy and her family. Behind the wide-eyed façade, however, Adam is a roguish serial seducer, who begins to work his magic on Lucy's repressed, bookish sister Laura (Frances O'Connor). With tragic flair, the sensual Adam recites poetry angling to get into the Victorian mind, heart and bed of Laura. Matters are further complicated when the oblivious Lucy proposes to the caddish chameleon, and her older, wiser sister, Alice (Charlotte Bradley) and brother, David, (Alan Maher) begin to suspect Adam's apparent perfection. Stembridge's farcical sexual romp features a young, talented cast and is a firmly tongue-in-cheek examination of sexual morality and family relationships.
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