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  • Foreign, Horror, Mystery, Thriller , produced in 2003 South Korea
  • Actors: Jin-geun Kim, Hye-jin Shim
  • Directed by: Ki-hyeong Park
  • Rating: 5.8 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Korean director Ki-Hyung Park (WHISPERING CORRIDORS) continues his exploration of the supernatural with the thriller ACACIA. After a couple's efforts to conceive continually end in disappointment, they adopt young Jin-seong, whose mother has died. Jin-seong seems drawn to a tree in the couple's backyard, constantly climbing and drawing pictures of it. But when his new mother finally manages to become pregnant, Jin-seong disappears, and a number of strange occurrences--and dead bodies--pile up, all seemingly centered on the mysterious tree. ACACIA has the slow pace and atmospheric build-up common to many Asian horror films.
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