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  • Drama, Foreign, Mystery, Romance, Thriller , produced in 2002 South Korea
  • Actors: Eol Lee, Byung-hun Lee
  • Directed by: Young-hoon Park
  • Rating: 7.1 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: South Korean director Young-hoon Park fashions a darkly twisted tale of love that transcends all boundaries in his romantic thriller ADDICTED. Eun-su (Mi-yeon Lee) and Ho-jin (Eol Lee) are a happily married couple when their idyllic lives are shattered by the dual car accidents of Ho-jin and his brother, Dae-jin (Byung-hun Lee). While Ho-jin dies, Dae-jin emerges from his coma to the realization that his brother's soul has entered his body, leaving Eun-su to wrestle with the possibility of a second chance at love.
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