After the Life

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  • Crime, Drama, Foreign , produced in 2002 France, Belgium
  • Actors: Lucas Belvaux, Ornella Muti
  • Directed by: Lucas Belvaux
  • Rating: 7.1 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: The final film in director Lucas Belvaux's Trilogy focuses on Grenoble cop Pascal (Gilbert Melki). Married to morphine-addicted schoolteacher Agnes (Dominique Blanc), he uses his professional connections to score pure narcotics for her. His source, however, wants Pascal to apprehend Bruno (Belvaux), a left-wing extremist who has just broken out of prison and cuts off the drug supply until Pascal can bring the fugitive in. Meanwhile, Agnes's friend Cecile (Ornella Muti) asks Pascal to trail her husband, whom she believes to be having an affair. Tired of being his wife's enabler, Pascal falls in love with Cecile. In the clutches of withdrawal, Agnes encounters Bruno at Cecile's vacation home, and he provides her with drugs.

    The character of Pascal comes full-circle in AFTER THE LIFE. Where he was a threatening presence in ON THE RUN (the first film of the Trilogy) and a bumbling source of comic relief in AN AMAZING COUPLE (the second), here he is revealed as a complex, tortured, and very human protagonist. In this revelation, Belvaux's film cycle reveals its true purpose--showing us, RASHOMON-like, how an event, character (or person for that matter), cannot always be understood from a single vantage point. While these three films stand alone, the serious filmgoer can only benefit by experiencing each of them.
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