Alice, Sweet Alice

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  • Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller , produced in 1976 USA
  • Actors: Brooke Shields, Tom Signorelli
  • Directed by: Alfred Sole
  • Rating: 6.2 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: After 10 year-old Karen (Brooke Shields) is killed in church on the occasion of her first communion in 1960s New Jersey, Alice, her seemingly innocent 12-year-old sister, becomes the prime suspect. Matters are complicated when more of Alice's family members turn up dead along with residents of her apartment building. Is a twelve year-old girl capable of such mayhem, or is she too obvious a suspect? Shot in Paterson, New Jersey, ALICE, SWEET ALICE features a surprising amount of bloodletting along with a heavy dose of Catholic iconography mixed in with the horrific proceedings. This was the first (abeit brief) screen appearance for Shields.
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