All Hat

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  • Adventure, Comedy, Western , produced in 2007 UK, Canada, USA
  • Actors: Rachael Leigh Cook, Luke Kirby, Keith Carradine
  • Directed by: Leonard Farlinger
  • Rating: 6.30 out of 10 (40 votes)
  • Plot Summary: After getting out of prison, Ray Dokes returns to the struggling country town he left behind. Though two years may have passed, none of his problems seem to have changed. There's an ex-girlfriend (Lisa Ray) he still pines for, a female jockey (Rachel Leigh Cook) with a chip on her shoulder, and the town rich-kid (Noam Jenkins) who helped put Ray behind bars. In this Western noir--full of horse racing, gunplay, and plot twists--the big question is if Ray can mend his ways, or if the past is destined to repeat itself. Based on the novel by Brad Smith.
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