Anton Corbijn - The Work of Director Anton Corbijn

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  • Documentary, Music , produced in 2005 USA
  • Actors: Joseph Arthur, Bono, Nick Cave, Adam Clayton
  • Directed by: Anton Corbijn
  • Rating: 6.6 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: The Directors Label has been established to shine a spotlight on a selection of music video directors whose work has set new standards for the medium. Here, they turn their attentions to noted photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn. Corbijn established himself with grainy black and white photographs that captured the raw intensity of performers such as Joy Division, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave. His profile was considerably raised by the use of his photographs on U2's THE JOSHUA TREE album, while initial dalliances behind a different sort of camera saw Corbijn taking a nascent stab at music video direction with work for indie-rock stalwarts Echo & The Bunnymen ("Seven Seas"), esoteric pop stars Propaganda ("Dr. Mabuse"), and stadium-filling electro stars Depeche Mode ("Behind the Wheel"). Once established, Corbijn delivered a slew of further videos, most of which mirrored his style in the photographic medium. His old friends U2 came calling for further work with the heartfelt "One," while grunge superstars Nirvana ("Heart Shaped Box") and punk rock legend Henry Rollins ("Liar") helped Corbijn produce some of his most arresting work. All these promo's and many others are collected here, forming an impressive music video archive from a director who has produced some remarkable work in the field.
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