Autumn Spring

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  • Comedy, Drama, Foreign, New Wave , produced in 2001 Czech Republic
  • Actors: Vlastimil Brodsky, Petra Spalkova
  • Directed by: Vladimir Michalek
  • Rating: 7.6 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: A Czech film from director Vladimir Michalek, AUTUMN SPRING tackles the theme of aging and death with subtle humor in this film, which tips its hat to the free-spirited New Wave cinema. Irrepressible reprobate Fanda (Vlastimil Brodsky) is determined not to go gently into that good night as he enters his eighties. He and partner-in-crime Eda (Stanislav Zindulka) love to pull stunts and gags, such as impersonating wealthy land-buyers, subway officials, and long-lost friends. Unfortunately their abilities are starting to slip due to their advanced age. Hána's long-suffering wife (Stella Zázvorková) meanwhile, is outraged that he is still up to his old tricks when its time to "take life seriously," prepare for their funerals, give up their apartment, and move into a retirement home. This is a warmhearted but unsentimental look into how different people face inevitable demise, and the cast of seasoned seniors pulls it off with great style and humanity. The film is a career capstone for Brodsky. A renowned Czech actor (CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS, JAKOB THE LIAR), Brodsky committed suicide not long after this life-affirming film was completed. Still, no actor could ask for a more eloquent curtain call; it's a fine, crowd-pleasing little classic, one for which he will surely be long remembered.
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