Beau Geste

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  • Action, Adventure, Drama, Silent , produced in 1939 USA
  • Actors: Gary Cooper, Ray Milland
  • Directed by: William Wellman
  • Rating: 7.9 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: The theft of an enormous gem, the Blue Water, sends the three notoriously adventuresome Geste brothers into the French Foreign Legion. Gary Coper, Ray Milland, and Robert Preston boldly play the three loyal siblings who have taken the rap to save the female culprit. Assigned to a desert command, they suffer cruelties under the heavy hand of Sergeant Markoff (Brian Donlevy) and then come upon a mysterious tragedy at their fort. Produced in a giant sweep with hard-edged realism by director William Wellman, this version of BEAU GESTE is the classic one, featuring fine turns from Cooper, Milland, and Preston as well as Donlevy and Susan Hayward. Based on the epic novel by Percival Christopher Wren, the film has been remade and parodied several times. Don't miss the beginning--the haunting opening sequence is one of the most famous in Hollywood history.
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