Between Your Legs

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  • Drama, Erotic, Foreign, Thriller , produced in 1999 Spain, France
  • Actors: Javier Bardem, Victoria Abril, Carmelo Gomez
  • Directed by: Manuel Gomez Pereira
  • Rating: 6.4 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Miranda (Victoria Abril) is married to Felix, a cop, but uses her nightly dog walks to pick up strange men for illicit encounters. Javier (Javier Bardem) is a successful writer and producer who has a serious phone sex habit. They meet after checking themselves in a therapy group for sex addicts, and promptly embark on an affair. Their lives become much more complex, however, when Javier finds that someone has been taping his filthy phone conversations and distributing them all over Spain, and Felix has discovered Miranda's relationship with Javier. This lusty Spanish thriller features exciting plot twists and a sexy European cast.
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