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  • Action, Crime, Neo Noir, Thriller , produced in 2010
  • Actors: Jason Statham, Paddy Considine, Richard Riddell, David Morrissey
  • Directed by: Elliott Lester
  • Plot Summary: Jason Statham plays Brant, a sociopathic wrecking machine of a cop for the film version of Ken Bruen's "Blitz." - The South East London police squad are down and out: Detective Sergeant Brant is in hot water for assaulting a police shrink, Chief Inspector Roberts' wife has died in a horrific car accident, and WPC Falls is still figuring out how to navigate her job as a black female investigator in the notorious unit. When a serial killer takes his show on the road, things get worse for all three. Nicknamed "The Blitz" by the rabid London media, the killer is aiming for tabloid immortality by killing cops in different beats around the city.
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