Bolívar soy yo!

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  • Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Soap Opera , produced in 2002 Colombia, France
  • Actors: Robinson Díaz, Amparo Grisales, Jairo Camargo, Fanny Mikey
  • Directed by: Jorge Alí Triana
  • Rating: 6.8 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Santiago Miranda (Robinson Diaz) portrays Simon Bolivar on a soap opera about the love affairs of the great general. When he finds too many discrepancies between the scripts and reality, he storms off the show, vowing to rewrite the remaining episodes to more accurately reflect history. Somewhere along the line, he also begins to believe that he may actually be an incarnation of Bolivar himself, and decides that he must attempt to complete Bolivar's dreams of creating a unified state of five Latin American countries in order to correct 160 years of war.
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