Born to Kill

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  • Crime, Drama, Film Noir, Thriller , produced in 1947 USA
  • Actors: Claire Trevor, Lawrence Tierney
  • Directed by: Robert Wise
  • Rating: 7.4 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: A sleek thriller about insecurity, infidelity, and murder, BORN TO KILL, based on a novel by James Gunn, is a dark and gritty melodrama that probes the ever-lurking dark side of human nature and the results of giving in to those impulses. The film opens with Sam (played by a brilliantly evil Lawrence Tierney) committing a double murder in a fit of jealousy. The bodies are soon discovered by the beautiful, wealthy Helen (Claire Trevor) who, not wanting to be involved, flees town and doesn't report the crime. In a neat twist, Helen and Sam soon find themselves on the same train, wildly attracted to each other. Visiting her estate, Sam learns Helen is engaged to be married, so he goes after her sister Georgia (Audrey Long), marrying her. But it isn't long before Sam's old life--and the murder he committed--comes back to haunt him. This inevitability, along with his insatiable jealousy of Helen, pushes Sam to new heights of brutality. The twists and turns in the story are supported beautifully by Robert de Grasse's moody cinematography. This unflinching film noir is a little-known Robert Wise gem.
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