Buried Land

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  • Drama, Mockumentary , produced in 2010 USA, UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Actors:
  • Directed by:
  • Plot Summary: Buried Land tells the story of ordinary people attempting to realize a dream. Two actors cut a path through the real community and strange reality of Visoko, the small town at the heart of a remarkable claim: the discovery of ancient pyramids, not in Egypt, but central Bosnia. Emir is a Bosnian émigré, removed during the war and now struggling to rediscover his homeland. He has returned to assist an American director in the making of a film about Visoko's pyramids. Everyone in the town is asked to participate, including Avdija, a tourist agent with the Pyramid Foundation, Semir Osmanagi_, the quixotic founder of the Valley of the Pyramids, and Zombi, who oversees the digging of the labyrinthine tunnels found beneath the hills. Emir and his director are accused by the press of being like "Borat in Bosnia," seeking to mock the town's believers. Emir's outlandish behavior grows more excessive and confused, culminating in a grandiose shoot at the summit of the Moon Pyramid that descends into chaos. He is taken into the heart of the Pyramid of the Sun, where he is forced to confront his beliefs. Where does fact end and fiction begin? How do you make the film of a pyramid that can't be seen? This is a story of the power of faith, imagination and community, and of the futility of looking for absolute truths, in life, and in movies.
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