Dinotopia - Quest for the Ruby Sunstone: The Movie

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  • Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Mini Series , produced in 2005 USA
  • Actors: Alyssa Milano, Michael Clarke Duncan, Malcolm McDowell, Jamie Kennedy
  • Directed by: Davis Doi
  • Rating: 5.8 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Based on the widely watched television series which combined live action with cutting-edge computer animation to tell the fantastical story of humans living in peace with dinosaurs, this animated film features the voices of Alyssa Milano, Kathie Griffin, and Jamie Kennedy among others.

    When twelve-year-old Kex gets shipwrecked on an island called Dinotopia, he and his new dinosaur friend, named 26, discover the pleasures and surprises of a land in which humans and dinosaurs coexist as friends and equals. But when the evil Ogthar steals the Ruby Sunstone upon escaping from his jail, he becomes a threat to 26 and Rex's home. With Kex's help, 26 will have to fight Ogthar off in order to preserve the harmony that makes Dinotopia such an enchanting place.
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