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  • Comedy, Erotic, Independent, Mockumentary , produced in 1976 Australia
  • Actors: John Holmes, William Margold
  • Directed by: Richard Franklin
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: A softcore classic that features hardcore porn actors John C. Holmes, William Margold, Candy Samples, and Rene Bond, FANTASM is a sexy, bawdy romp that spoofs sex-ed films. Professor Jurgen Notafreud explores the 10 hottest female fantasies, applying his pseudo-expertise to a variety of scenarios that includes lesbianism, group sex, role reversal, incest, and much, much more! A hilarious gem from Richard Franklin (PSYCHO II, CLOAK AND DAGGER), the laughs come fast and furious as the dreams and fantasies of these lovely ladies are played out in explicit detail!
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