Forgotten Silver

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  • Comedy, Fake Documentary , produced in 1995 New Zealand
  • Actors: Sam Neill, Leonard Maltin, Harvey Weinstein, Peter Jackson
  • Directed by: Peter Jackson
  • Rating: 7.6 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: FORGOTTEN SILVER is Peter Jackson's loving "tribute" to fictional New Zealand film pioneer Colin MacKenzie. MacKenzie purportedly invented such techniques as the tracking shot and synchronized sound in the early 1900s, well before anyone else had discovered them. After being overlooked by film historians for decades, the restored version of MacKenzie's lost biblical masterpiece SALOME is now available to audiences for the first time ever. FORGOTTEN SILVER is a well-researched and clever satire that presents moviegoers with a hilarious alternate history of early film. Also included on the U.S. video release is Robert Sarkies' short film SIGNING OFF.
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