I bambini ci guardano

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  • Drama, Foreign, Melodrama, Neo realism , produced in 1944 Italy
  • Actors: Emilio Cigoli, Luciano De Ambrosis, Isa Pola, Adriano Rimoldi
  • Directed by: Vittorio De Sica
  • Rating: 7.8 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: This early Neo-realist drama tells the story of a family torn apart by infidelity from the perspective of the family's only son, Prico (Luciano De Ambrosis). Prico, who is five years old, has always been close with his mother, Nina (Isa Pola). When she begins an affair with a young gigolo (Adriano Rimoldi), Prico desperately tries to save his family. However, he soon realizes that his parents' marriage is doomed. Prico's relationship with his mom starts to crumble as well. Just when it seems that things couldn't get any worse, a terrible tragedy strikes.
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