Le séminaire Caméra Café

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  • Comedy, Foreign , produced in 2009 France
  • Actors: Bruno Solo, Yvan Le Bolloc'h, Armelle, Alain Bouzigues
  • Directed by: Charles Nemes
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: With a mixture of hope and fear, six employees from the Geugène company travel to Paris to take part in a motivation seminar. Among them are Hervé, a deceitful union representative, and Jean-Claude, who describes himself as the king of sales. For Jean-Claude, this trip is an unexpected opportunity to win back his wife, who left him – taking her bags and their children with her – when he set fire to their house in order to claim the insurance money. Flanked by Hervé – who immediately sees their coach’s assistant as a possible party to conjugal misbehaviour – Jean-Claude scours the capital in search of her and proves that innocent men can sometimes find a needle in a haystack. Everything is set to go to plan until Hervé makes an alarming discovery: the seminar is merely a pretext for an undercover assessment of staff, with a view to redeployment. This is translated by everyone as "social plan". They go from obedience to revolt, turning the seminar’s achievements against their dishonest employers.
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