Little Erin Merryweather

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  • Horror, Mystery, Thriller , produced in 2003 USA
  • Actors: Vigdis Anholt, David Morwick, Elizabeth Callahan, Frank Ridley
  • Directed by: David Morwick
  • Rating: 5 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Imagine Little Red Riding Hood with a knife, killing students outside a college campus, and you have the slasher film LITTLE ERIN MERRYWEATHER. The local police of this small New England town are unaccustomed to dealing with serial killers (and have no leads), and so three reporters with the school newspaper begin an investigation. But little do they know that it's shy student Erin Merryweather who's committing the crimes, combining her children's literature project with her desire for carnage. Behind these murders, however, is an even darker secret. Will the intrepid reporters be able to unmask the murderess before they become her next victims?
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