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  • Dogma, Drama , produced in 2002 USA
  • Actors: Franky G, Leo Minaya, Manuel Cabral, Jessica Morales
  • Directed by: Eric Eason
  • Rating: 6.7 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: The Latino population of Manhattan's Washington Heights comes under the microscope in this fascinating portrayal of urban life from director Eric Eason. Manito (Leo Minaya) is an ambitious student, eager to escape his surroundings. Upon landing a full scholarship at Syracuse, Manito appears ready to realize his dreams. His older brother, Junior Moreno (Franky G), decides to throw his sibling a big party to celebrate, and it is on Junior that the film largely focuses. Trying to balance a job as a painter, keep his indiscretions a secret from his wife, and prevent his father from attending Manito's celebrations all prove to be a tough task for Junior, and these factors frequently send him into a violent rage. As the film builds to its crescendo, it appears that no member of the family is able to let old habits die easily, revealing some surprising plot twists and an undercurrent of violence that is both shocking and tragic.

    Director Eason's digital video images lend an almost documentary-like feel to this moving tale of life in a tough, rundown neighborhood. Minaya and Franky G give compelling performances as the film's two main protagonists, portraying a slice of life that is sad and disturbing in equal measures.
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