New Guy

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  • Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller , produced in 2003 USA
  • Actors: Kelly Miller, Johnny Ray
  • Directed by: Bilge Ebiri
  • Rating: 6.2 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: New Guy

    A critically acclaimed comedy, mixing the cubicle "comedics" of Office Space with the terror of the Twilight Zone. Gregg's first day at his new job starts off strangely, as he discovers his cubicle is covered in a sea of Post-Its left behind by his predecessor, who he soon discovers did not leave on amicable terms. His co-workers don't seem quite normal either, standing aimlessly or endlessly chatting nonsense on the phone or gossiping by the coffee machine. Grown men cry in this office and as Gregg tries to stay on top of his new job, fighting a toy car that runs around the office, arguing with a janitor, and trying, repeatedly, to send out an all important fax; things gradually go from bad to worse in this corporate wasteland. As day turns into night, Gregg begins to realize this is no ordinary workplace. It can be very lethal...
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