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  • Drama, Romance, Soap Opera , produced in 1961 USA
  • Actors:
  • Directed by: Delmer Daves
  • Rating: 6.5 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Parrish McLean (Troy Donahue) is just a regular joe living in a tobacoo-growing valley until his mother Ellen (Claudette Colbert) marries cigarette king Judd Raike (Karl Madden). The next thing Parrish knows, he's been swindled into the tobacco business, but things take an even stranger turn when Parrish falls for three different women: his new stepsister, Paige (Sharon Hugeny), the rival tobacco king's daughter Alison (Diane McBain), and the sultry older temptress Lucy (Connie McBain). Slowly but surely, Parrish is transformed from lad into man and must think his way out of his predicament.

    Half soap opera, half comedy, PARRISH is a genre break for western director Delmer Daves. Sappy at times, absurd situations always arrive just in time to break up the tension and generate a few laughs. PARRISH is an oddity in that it could have continued forever. Perhaps had it been produced as a television pilot, it would have. The kitchy set up and the town's quirky characters make it a unique gem.
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