Storm Rider

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  • Foreign, Spaghetti Western, Western , produced in 1972 Italy, France, West Germany
  • Actors: Lee Van Cleef
  • Directed by: Giancarlo Santi
  • Rating: 6.1 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Western star Lee Van Cleef headlines the cast of STORM RIDER (aka THE GRAND DUEL). In this spaghetti Western, Van Cleef plays a lawman who gets embroiled in a dispute between two families. Philip Vermeer is wrongfully accused of murdering the patriarch of the Saxon family as revenge for questionable deaths in his own family. Just as he is about to be lynched, the sheriff rides into town to investigate the charges flying back and forth. His overriding sense of justice leads him to challenge the true villains to a final duel. STORM RIDER features music by famous Argentinean film composer Luis Bacalov.
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