Straight to Hell

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  • Comedy, Crime, Independent, Parody, Spaghetti Western, Western , produced in 1987 UK
  • Actors: Sy Richardson, Joe Strummer
  • Directed by: Alex Cox
  • Rating: 5.5 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: This comedy/western/musical is perhaps the strangest film by cult writer-director Alex Cox. After a botched robbery, a band of thieves heads for the desert to take shelter, only to find that the wilderness hamlet into which they've stumbled is run by a murderous, incestuous clan of coffee addicts who are struggling for control against a small band of misfits and a greedy land developer. It all makes for weird, weird stuff, highlighted by a spontaneous song-and-dance production number and cameos from such punk luminaries as Elvis Costello (as a coffee-dispensing butler) and the Pogues (as three brain-dead caballeros).
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