The Acid House

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  • Comedy, Drama , produced in 1998 UK
  • Actors: Kevin McKidd, Martin Clunes, Jemma Redgrave, Stephen McCole
  • Directed by: Paul McGuigan
  • Rating: 6.1 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: A trio of stories adapted by Irvine Welsh (TRAINSPOTTING) from his collection of stories of the same name, THE ACID HOUSE is an absurd and brutal look at life through the eyes of one of the most prominent Scottish authors of the 1990s. The film begins with "The Granton Star Cause," which stars Stephen McCole as Boab, a listless loser who meets god in a bar and is promptly changed into a fly for his lack of ambition. The second story, "A Soft Touch," is the incredibly bleak tale of Johnny, a hapless young man who allows his wife to carry on numerous extramarital affairs, and how his life is thrown into turmoil when a self-assured neighbor moves in next door. The final section of the film is the title story, which stars Ewen Bremner as Coco, a raver who ingests a heroic amount of LSD one night, is struck by lightning, and promptly switches bodies with a newborn infant. By turns depressing, mordantly funny, and deliriously surreal, THE ACID HOUSE fully lives up to its author and screenwriter's pedigree.
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