The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela

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  • Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Foreign , produced in 2008 Iceland, Philippines, France, Thailand
  • Actors: Raquela Rios, Olivia Galudo
  • Directed by: Olaf De Fleur Johanesson
  • Rating: 7.2 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: In this film that walks the line between fiction and reality, a beautiful transsexual prostitute named Raquela (Raquela Rios) dreams of a better life than the one she currently lives in the Philippines. In her ideal existence, she would be married to a straight man in a western country, but her search for love on the internet has led her nowhere. Finally, she has the chance to meet Valery (Valery Grand), a rare Icelandic transsexual who is open about her biology, and Valery gives her the chance to find romance.
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