The Black Godfather

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  • Action, Blaxploitation, Crime, Drama, Independent , produced in 1974 USA
  • Actors: Rod Perry
  • Directed by: John Evans
  • Rating: 3.5 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: J.J. (Rod Perry) may be a criminal, but he's got a conscience. While he dominates much of the crime scene in his neighborhood, the flow of heroin is still controlled by a white kingpin. J.J. decides to bring down the white man's cartel, for selfish reasons as much as redemptive ones. Although ending the drug trade will make him the undisputed crime boss of the city, it'll also put a halt to the damaging drug addictions he sees all around him. THE BLACK GODFATHER combines the urban action of blaxploitation classics like SHAFT with a Black Power political awareness.
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