They Call Me Trinity

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  • Comedy, Spaghetti Western, Western , produced in 1970 Italy
  • Actors: Terence Hill
  • Directed by: E.B. Clucher
  • Rating: 7.20 out of 10 (3393 votes)
  • Plot Summary: After many years of having the played the genre for melodrama and operatic effect, spaghetti Western filmmakers finally took the plunge in 1971 and made and out-and-out comedy with THEY CALL ME TRINITY (LO CHIAMAVANO TRINITY). Trinity is a lazy, shiftless gunfighter who would have been killed long ago if not for his blinding fast draw. He saunters into a town and discovers that his brother has somehow (and under questionable circumstances, it turns out) become the sheriff. But the two brothers find an opportunity to redeem themselves by helping a group of Mormons fight off an evil tycoon intent on taking their land.
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