Till Human Voices Wake Us

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  • Drama, Romance , produced in 2002 Australia
  • Actors: Guy Pearce, Helena Bonham-Carter
  • Directed by: Michael Petroni
  • Rating: 6.3 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: In this tender tale of love and loss, Guy Pearce and Helena Bonham Carter play two strangers mysteriously brought together by destiny. Sam (Pearce) is a psychology professor who has traveled back to his hometown for his father's funeral. There he meets Ruby (Carter) who jogs his memory and brings his childhood racing back. The young, innocent, optimistic boy he once was races into focus as he recalls bygone days spent with his best friend, Silvy. With lovely photography of the small town in the Australian bush where Sam was raised, tender moments are played out in quiet splendor by Lindley Joyner and Brooke Harmon as the young Sam and Silvy. Meanwhile, in present time, Sam wants badly to believe that Ruby may just be his long lost childhood love and he invents a story in his head that she may have undergone amnesia and and simply forgotten that she is in fact his Silvy. The magical moments that he recalls, following Silvy through darkened country roads in summertime and delighting in pre-teen puppy love, are mimicked by the bohemian Ruby, who seems to sometimes skip through life and other times run from it. TILL HUMAN VOICES WAKE US is a quiet and romantic film that centers on the nostalgia of youth and the difficulty of saying good bye.
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