Zero Day

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  • Drama , produced in 2003 USA
  • Actors: Andre Keuck, Calvin Robertson
  • Directed by: Ben Coccio
  • Rating: 7.6 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Shot entirely on hand-held video cameras, ZERO DAY is director Ben Coccio's debut feature, portraying the lives of two wayward teens as they plot a Columbine-like act of vengeance against their high school. Zero Day is the name the two boys give to the fateful date on which they will carry out their heinous act of revenge, a day towards which they race inexorably throughout the movie. The two protagonists, Andre Kriegman (Andre Keuck) and Cal Gabriel (Calvin Robertson) are obsessed with documenting their every movement, filming even the most minute detail in their well-executed plan. To avoid detection, the boys store their camcorder footage in a safety deposit box, ultimately requesting that their stored legacy is left in the hands of any major television network, thereby ensuring their posthumous fame. The fascinating and creepy video diaries include footage of the seemingly normal family lives of the boys (with both sets of parents being played by the actors' real parents), and also make it abundantly clear the influence of violent video games, movies, books, music, nor the boys families are not to blame for their willful acts of destruction.

    Director Coccio offers a bold, intense statement for his directorial debut. Drawing no discernable conclusions from his subject matter, Coccio weaves a fascinatingly open-ended tale. The two media-savvy teens are convincingly played by Keuck and Robertson, offering very few apparent signs of mental instability or psychosis. Their disquieting pathology lends an eerie feeling of unease as they approach their task. Disturbing, and all too real, ZERO DAY offers a tantalizing glimpse into the possible worlds of modern day teenage lives.
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