Zhai bian

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  • Foreign, Horror, Thriller , produced in 2005 Taiwan
  • Actors: Terri Kwan, Jason Chang, Yu-chen Chang, Tender Huang
  • Directed by: Leste Chen
  • Rating: 5.1 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: James Yang inherits a mansion from unknown relatives and moves in with his fiancée, Yo, but they soon realize that the house has a grisly past: 20 years ago, an entire family hanged themselves from the rafters. Soon, eerie events and ghostly visions begin to occur--and then Yang's friend Cheng winds up dead, with a ghastly mark on his neck. Yo becomes committed to finding the macabre secret of the house and the Yang family, and discovers from a lunatic aunt that the family has a dark legacy--one that Yang might be doomed to repeat.

    In 2005, the creepiest and most stylish horror movies hailed from Asia, and this ghastly gem shows why: unlike the slash-a-second splatterfest of American fare, the new Asian horror seems content to let the unsaid and unseen slowly crescendo into something truly terrifying.
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