Zivot je cudo

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  • Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Period, Romance , produced in 2004 Serbia and Montenegro, France, Italy
  • Actors: Slavko Stimac, Natasa Solak, Vesna Trivalic, Vuk Kostic
  • Directed by: Emir Kusturica
  • Rating: 7.6 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Bosnia, 1992. Luka, a Serbian engineer from Belgrade, has installed himself in a village in the middle of nowhere with his opera singer wife, Jadranka, and their son, Miloš. Luka is preparing to build the railroad that will transform the region into a tourist's paradise, connecting Bosnia to Serbia across Podrinje. Utterly engrossed in his work and blinded by natural optimism, Luka remains deaf to the increasingly persistent rumblings of war.When the conflict explodes, Luka's life is turned inside out. His wife Jadranka disappears on the arm of a Hungarian musician while his son Miloš is drafted. Ever optimistic, he waits for his family to return, but Jadranka doesn't come back. Miloš is taken prisoner and the Bosnian Serbs Army appoints Luka guardian of Sabaha, a Muslim hostage.Before long, Luka has fallen in love with Sabaha but the young woman is destined to be handed over in exchange for a Serbian captive: his son Miloš. Luka passes with Sabaha through an adventure until the trade momentum, after which the two are reunited after the peace.
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