Zone 39

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  • Action, Drama, Sci-Fi , produced in 1996 Australia
  • Actors: Peter Phelps, Carolyn Bock, William Zappa, Bradley Byquar
  • Directed by: John Tatoulis
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 10
  • Plot Summary: Set in a dystopic future, ZONE 39 is a fascinating sci-fi look at paranoia and delusion made in Australia. For forty years war has raged between the New Territories Union and the Federated Republics, causing untold destruction. Lt. Leo Megaw is assigned to watch the border at Zone 39 but he is preoccupied with memories of his late wife, executed because of her knowledge of top secret information. Megaw is able to use a hallucinogenic drug to summon the illusion of his dead wife, and realizes the hidden truth of his government's activities.
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